58DA20CCFC224EECB78AD14AC26405D4    For over 20 years, Maple Valley Sharpening has served customers across Florida with professional blade Sharpening services. We specialize in meeting the needs of industry professionals with superior processes to keep your tools at their optimal performance.

Our state-of-the-art Sharpening service delivers reliable quality for clipper blades, scissors and shears. We are a family-owned business that offers servicing and repair of most clippers on the market. Maple Valley Sharpening takes care of 
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 Pet groomers
 Cattle owners
 Hair stylists
 Many other industries

We stay on the cutting edge by Sharpening A-5, Ceramic, Andis, Lister, Oster, Stewart, Wahl and other brands of clipper blades. We also service Oster, Andis, Lister, Stewart, Wahl and other clippers. Our staff is trained and certified, and we deliver sharpened and serviced tools with confidence by understanding what our clients need. Contact us today to keep your clipper blades, scissors, and shears in pristine working condition.
Maple Valley Scissor Sharpening
All blades and shears are sharpened by using precise methods that obtain optimum results! Each one is tested and inspected before returned to ensure you receive a perfectly functioning instrument.

Get Cost-Effective Clipper Blade Sharpening

Pet groomers, barbers, hairstylists and vets come to Maple Valley
Sharpening when they need to improve the performance of their clipper blades. We sharpen A-5 compatible blades so they are as sharp or sharper than most factory clipper blades.

Process for Sharper Blades

Our process mirrors what is used at the factory for brand new clipper blades. Most require hollow grounding and we accomplish this with equipment that
hollow grounds to precision. All parts are kept in order so we avoid mixing disassembled parts. We clean the blades before placing them on aClipper repair Maple Valley Sharpening sharpener to give entire surface a new cutting edge.

After being demagnetized, washed again in a degreaser and blown dry, we oil and reassemble the blades. Our standards require checking the spring tension and testing to ensure proper function. If the blades need new parts, we gladly replace them during this process.

At Maple Valley Sharpening, we guarantee that our clients will receive a clean, sharp clipper blade at the end of this process. From resetting the socket to adjusting spring tension for effortless cuts, count on us to give your clipper blades the utmost care.

Professional Shear Sharpening Service at Your Fingertips

Let the professionals at Maple Valley Sharpening in Orlando handle all of your requests to improve the operation of your shears. We specialize in perfecting the performance of these instruments with the latest tec
hnology system that maintains and restores the factory function of your hair cutting tools.

Because we know it is very important that your shears work to perfection, our professional staff only uses the best techniques. This ensures we avoid degrading the performance of your scissors.

The Process We Use to Sharpen Your Scissors

Several machines work to sharpen scissor used by a professional groomer. If you have beveled edge shears, we use a special machine to bring them back to top performance. Basically, the machine is set to the same angle of the shears. Without taking them apart, we fine tune the Oster Blade Clipper Sharpeningsur
face and return them to you better than new.

Veterinary scissors with carbide inserts require a diamond stone to sharpen, which helps to ensure your scissors receive a good clean cutting edge. Higher-end Japanese style scissors may also have a honed edge. Our process takes care of those too, by using a flat hone for this higher-quality steel you receive a perfect convex edge as good or better than the factory. After disassembling these shears, each blade receives precision honing by hand before being reassembled.

How We Satisfy Our Clients

Our mission at Maple Valley Sharpening is to provide fast, high quality services for all of our clients. That is why we use the most technologically advanced equipment to improve the perform
ance of your professional tools guarantees we deliver what we promise.

Every tool in your trade – a pair of scissors, blades, clippers and even dryers – is guaranteed to have the same precision and consistency when they were first purchased. We want to be your go-to company for total equipment
sharpening and repair service.

Dependable. Reliable. High-quality. Convenience.

These words describe what you can expect whenever you call Maple Valley sharpening to take care of valuable assets for your business.

As one of our clients, you receive simple and safe mail order services to ha
ve your professional equipment sharpened, serviced and repaired quickly. We know how important these are for your own business and take diligent care to return them to you as soon as possible. Most orders are returned to you within two business days once we receive your equipment.

In the hands of the wrong individual, the most advanced equipment can be misused or even worse destroyed. This is not what happens when you entrust your professional tools to Maple Valley Sharpening. Our staff has received the best training and long-term experience to measure up to some of the best sharpeners in the industry. Local and family-owned does not diminish the value and pride we put behind every clipper blade, shear and clipper. It means that you receive a wealth of knowledge with each service we deliver.

Who We Are

Maple Valley Sharpening Service in Orlando, Florida, is a family-owned business that offers local pickup and delivery, drop-off and mail order services nationwide, as well as improving the per
formance of grooming equipment. Our belief that properly sharpened tools will help our clients satisfy their customers.


We offer local pick up, sharpen, and deliver to the central Florida area. Just give us a call to schedule a pick up today. Or if you so like feel free to call me and schedule a time to drop off your equipment at our place.

Also Serving For Mail Order Sharpening and Repair.

Let us take care of your scissor, clipper blades, clipper, and dryers.

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